Grackle HQ - FAQs

What is GrackleHQ?

GrackleHQ is a job site for the game industry. We gather job listings from all over the game industry and organize them to help game developers find industry jobs.

Where do the jobs on GrackleHQ come from?

The jobs on GrackleHQ are taken from the postings on each company's careers page. These pages are checked daily to add new jobs and take down postings for jobs that are no longer available.

There's a job that's missing from GrackleHQ, what should I do?

If you know of jobs that should be on GrackleHQ but aren't, please let us know at either or on Twitter @GrackleHQ. We want as many relevant jobs as we can on GrackleHQ, so if we missed something, we want to fix that.

How can I get my company's jobs on GrackleHQ?

If you have a formal website where you post your job listings, then the best way will be to reach out to us at or on Twitter @GrackleHQ. Let us know where we can find your job listings, and we will start gathering them automatically.

My company doesn't have a website, can we still get our jobs on GrackleHQ?

If you do not have a formal website, you can create an account and post your own job listings. Each job listing needs a link, but that could be a mailto link to an email address, or a link to a tweet with more information, or whatever link we could use to connect you with job seekers.

Can I get email alerts when new jobs have been posted?

Yes! If you would like to get email alerts about certain job searches, first create an account. Once your account has been verified, you can turn any job search into an email alert with the link at the top of the jobs list.

How does GrackleHQ make money?

The short answer is we don't. The slightly longer answer is we're not trying to. To our creators, GrackleHQ is not a business, but a public service to game developers. We're all very aware of how hard it is to find work in the game industry, and we wanted to do what we could to help. But if you'd like to give to the project to help cover our hosting expenses, you can find more information on our Donate page.